Outside In

Outside In are people who live in our hostels or use services at St Mungo's. The group works in partnership with St Mungo's to improve service delivery and use their voice, skills, talents and strengths to achieve this

As part of their experience with Outside In, members inspire, motivate and support their peers, facilitate training to clients, staff, volunteers and external organisations recruit new staff, lobby Parliament, conduct peer research, and review policies and procedures.

Read the Outside In mission statement and code of conduct for members.

Who and what are Outside In?

  • We believe that all people living in St Mungo's hostels or who are using St Mungo's services should be involved in how the charity makes decisions affecting them
  • We ensure the voices of clients are heard to improve the service delivery
  • We give training and support to help people improve their lives and achieve their goals
  • By focusing on people's strengths, talents and skills we aim to support people to achieve their goals and aspirations

Listen to our clients

Outside In members talk about their experiences, hopes and aspirations.

Outside In podcast Dec 2013

This podcast was produced by Claire Peyton Jones. Claire has ten years experience in BBC Radio, and now interviews people to let them tell the story of their life. Find out more about her business Portraits in Sound.

Our activities

Outside In supports people to increase their confidence, self esteem, motivation, knowledge and skills.  We achieve this by delivering training, peer support, and get involved in consultation to improve St Mungo's services and at local government level.

Our activities include, but are not limited to:

Outside In Women's Group - a women-only peer support network that aims to improve services for female clients.

10 x Better - a weekly peer support group that is solution focused and peer led.

Basic skills - sessions to improve the IT and literacy skills of clients.

Events - Outside In put on events throughout the year to raise awareness of issues affecting people living in and using St Mungo's services. Each year we hold a conference. Our 2012 Conference was inspired by Carnival and had a record attendance of 294 people. It featured short films, music, performances, workshops and opportunities for people to get involved in.

Read more about Outside In through our Client Involvement Recovery Innovations briefing July 2011, or hear Andy Williams, Client Involvement Manager, and his colleague Jeff talking about Outside In in this short video.

Contact us

To contact Outside In, call 020 7549 8213 (please note this is an answer phone service, someone will get back to you as soon as they can). Alternatively, email: outsidein@mungos.org