Real life stories of homeless people

People can become homeless for many reasons. We would like to say thanks to the clients who have shared their experiences with us, and talked about their hopes for their recovery and the future

In 2011 our Oral History project Street Stories gathered the stories of 41 residents. Listen to some of their stories and watch a short video by clients who conducted the oral history interviews (please be aware - some of the interviews contain strong language).

You can also watch some of our clients and staff talking about our work.

  • Brian's story
    Five years ago, Brian's life changed completely when his mother passed away. His mental health deteriorated and, after spending three months in hospital, he was discharged but he didn't get the support he needed. Brian is now in a St Mungo's hostel where he's rebuilding his life.
  • Claire's story
    Between being in and out of prison, Claire slept on the streets. After coming into contact with our Street Impact team, she moved into our hostel and joined our client involvement group Outside In. Now she has a part time job and has improved her self esteem. She shares her story.
  • Stuart's story
    After the breakdown of his marriage, Stuart began using substances and sleeping rough. Now he takes part in a range of classes at our Recovery College and is an active member of our client involvement group Outside In. He shares his story.
  • Jay's story
    Jay moved to our north London hostel after coming out of prison. Since a teenager he has had a passion for football and has been selected to train for the Homeless World Cup. He shares his story.
  • Raymond's Story
    Raymond is in his 50s and recently moved on from a St Mungo’s hostel. Before coming to St Mungo’s, he was homeless for 10 years. Raymond has faced a number of problems with his health, which got much worse when he was sleeping rough.
  • Les' story
    After spending time in hospital following a brain hemorrhage, Les began drinking heavily and sleeping rough. After being assisted by our outreach teams, he moved to one of our west London hostels and has now been sober for 14 months. He shares his story.
  • Lloyd's story
    Lloyd explains how he first became homeless when he was young, and the impact it's had on his life. As a result of his experiences, Lloyd is committed to speaking out for young people so that they don't go through the same thing.
  • Andy's story
    Andy has overcome many challenges over the years, and has struggled to access the support he needed. After seven years of sleeping rough, he is now staying at one of our London hostels and feels that his situation and his health have dramatically improved: “Things have improved. 100% – more than that, 110%.”
  • Izabela's* story
    When Izabela lost her job, she was asked to leave her accommodation and became homeless. In April, she was put in touch with our Skills and Employment service and joined the RollOnMonday placement initiative. She now works as an Events and Conference Assistant in central London and has been able to move into her own flat again.
  • James' story
    James, 55, is currently staying in one of our London hostels, and talks about his experiences of sleeping rough while living with HIV.