Mandy's story - from the streets to the mountain top

Mandy and her dog SkyeMy mother died when I was 18 months old, and my father worked away. I spent my early years in care. I was fostered by three families and, aged 11, I was sent to boarding school. I was badly bullied at school; it was very difficult.

At 16, I moved back home with my father. One day, I returned home from work to find he’d died from a heart attack. I blamed myself for not being there to help him. I became mentally unwell and I started drinking heavily. It was the only thing that helped me to cope with my loss and guilt. I spent years and years beating myself up about what had happened.

I was living with family at the time, but the relationship broke down and I ended up sleeping rough. That was when I was first referred to St Mungo’s.

The generosity of St Mungo's supporters allowed me to receive the help that changed my life. Alongside a place to call home, I had therapy and learned new skills.

St Mungo’s is my rock – they’ve given me so much support at my lowest and highest moments. Many of the services I've used are funded by St Mungo's supporters. Without this, I wouldn’t be here today.

I’m proud of where I am today. I hope my parents are watching me and proud of me too. 

I'm now determined to conquer Snowdon.

On 21 June my friend Claire, who is also a client at St Mungo's, and I will lead a team of St Mungo's clients and staff up Snowdon.

Everyone deserves a home. St Mungo's supporters gave us the chance to rebuild our lives. We want to do the same for others who are sleeping rough by raising funds and awareness for St Mungo's.

We're dedicating our walk to those who have sadly died while sleeping rough. We know that could easily have been us.

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