St Mungo's and Personalisation 

As each individual has his or her story that has led them to our doors, so each individual has a different pathway to achieving their potential.

Just as their route into our services may have been anything but direct or linear, so their journey of change may not be straightforward or linear either.

Personalisation at St Mungo's is about offering choices to clients, working with clients to identify their own individual pathways and then trying to provide - or help them find elsewhere - the support that they want and need, at the time they need it, for their own individual recovery journey.

Personalisation, by its nature, is never static, so we and our clients themselves are always developing new ways of meeting client's needs, and we will do different things in different places and at different times, as people's situations change. But a few of the things we are doing now as part of our personalisation transformation are:

  • Client choice of keyworker
  • Client directed support plans
  • Menu of employment and training options
  • Wide choice of activities, both staff and client-led
  • Choice in local community activities
  • Developing time banks with local community organisations
  • Offering a range of placements within the organisation
  • Resettlement options
  • Menu of support provision
  • Client management of local wellbeing budgets
  • Client-led training/education programmes

We are changing, and our clients are changing, and this list will grow and grow as we, hand in hand with our clients, go along the recovery and personalisation transformation path.