Access to the CHAIN database

Inputting access

Inputting access on CHAIN is provided for local authority commissioned outreach teams, assessment and reconnection services such as No Second Night Out, and hostels who work with rough sleepers on a regular basis. In some areas with high levels of rough sleeping, day centres also have inputting access.

CHAIN records can only be created by outreach teams, and all records start with someone being contacted on the street. Other workers add information to records created by outreach workers.

View only access

Some agencies and projects who do not contribute data to CHAIN find it helpful to be able to view information about their clients and find out about their contact with outreach workers.

View only access can be requested by organisations in London working directly with rough sleepers. The CHAIN Team will discuss access requests with the relevant local authority officer and the Greater London Authority (GLA). If you are requesting access you should ensure your local authority lead on rough sleeping is aware of this and supportive of your request. 

Organisations will be provided with access where:

  • They are working with one or more local authorities to reduce rough sleeping
  • They are working closely with their local outreach team if appropriate
  • They have appropriate policies on staff vetting (which may include DBS checks)
  • Staff work directly with rough sleepers on a regular basis and specialise in work with this group in particular
  • The work undertaken is relevant to CHAIN e.g. linking clients with other services - not all those working with rough sleepers need to know the information held on CHAIN 
  • The Chief Executive or Director has signed the CHAIN data protection agreement
  • They are operating within London.

Some organisations need information about individual rough sleepers on an occasional basis. In these cases it is not appropriate to allow full access to the CHAIN system, as it would provide access to a lot of personal information that is not required by staff. In these instances the best course of action is to contact the outreach team which has been working with the individual, or is operating in the area the person is sleeping in.

If you would like to request view only access please download and complete the form below, giving as much detail as possible. The completed form should be sent to

CHAIN access request form

Access to CHAIN data for research purposes

Organisations seeking to use data from CHAIN for policy or research studies will not be given direct access to the system.  However, we can supply aggregate data from the system, where the information required is not covered by published reports available on this website. In exceptional circumstances we may also consider supplying limited amounts of anonymised raw data. Organisations requiring access to CHAIN data for research purposes should contact the CHAIN Team to discuss their request.