CHAIN quarterly borough reports - 2011

CHAIN reports are produced individually for the central London boroughs. Other boroughs are covered by a single Outer Boroughs report.

For quarterly reports from April-June 2014 onwards, please visit the Greater London Authority (GLA) website.

October-December 2011
Camden Quarterly October-December 2011 (pdf)
City of London Quarterly October-December 2011 (pdf)
Ealing Quarterly October-December 2011 (pdf)
Hammersmith & Fulham Quarterly October-December 2011 (pdf)
Islington Quarterly October-December 2011 (pdf)
Kensington & Chelsea Quarterly October-December 2011 (pdf)
Lambeth Quarterly October-December 2011 (pdf)
Outer Boroughs Quarterly October-December 2011 (pdf)
Southwark Quarterly October-December 2011 (pdf)
Tower Hamlets Quarterly October-December 2011 (pdf)
Westminster Quarterly October-December 2011 (pdf)

July-September 2011
Camden Quarterly July-September 2011 (pdf)
City of London Quarterly July-September 2011 (pdf)
Ealing Quarterly July-September 2011` (pdf)
Hammersmith & Fulham Quarterly July-September 2011 (pdf)
Islington Quarterly July-September 2011 (pdf)
Kensington & Chelsea Quarterly July-September 2011 (pdf)
Lambeth Quarterly July-September 2011 (pdf)
Outer Boroughs Quarterly July-September 2011 (pdf)
Southwark Quarterly July-September 2011 (pdf)
Tower Hamlets Quarterly July-September 2011 (pdf)
Westminster Quarterly July-September 2011 (pdf)

April-June 2011
Camden Quarterly April-June 2011 (pdf)
City of London Quarterly April-June 2011 (pdf)
Ealing Quarterly April-June 2011 (pdf)
Hammersmith & Fulham Quarterly April-June 2011 (pdf)
Islington Quarterly April-June 2011 (pdf)
Kensington & Chelsea Quarterly April-June 2011 (pdf)
Lambeth Quarterly April-June 2011 (pdf)
Outer Boroughs Quarterly April-June 2011 (pdf)
Southwark Quarterly April-June 2011 (pdf)
Tower Hamlets Quarterly April-June 2011 (pdf)

January-March 2011
Camden Quarterly January-March 2011 (pdf)
City of London Quarterly January-March 2011 (pdf)
Ealing Quarterly January-March 2011 (pdf)
Hammersmith & Fulham Quarterly January-March 2011 (pdf)
Islington Quarterly January-March 2011 (pdf)
Kensington & Chelsea Quarterly January-March 2011 (pdf)
Lambeth Quarterly January-March 2011 (pdf)
Outer Boroughs Quarterly January-March 2011 (pdf)
Southwark Quarterly January-March 2011 (pdf)
Tower Hamlets Quarterly January-March 2011 (pdf)
Westminster Quarterly January-March 2011 (pdf)