Be a #HomeTeamHero for 2017

Jordan and C  EJordan, client and co-editor of Frontline, volunteers with St Mungo's Community and Events team. Here, he shares what working in the team has taught him and why your support in your community is so important.

From working with Paul, Beth and Hamish in the Community and Events team, I have learnt the value of what the community brings to St Mungo's.

Beth said

"We are so fortunate to be supported by many in the community and our networks are constantly growing. We want you to join us in supporting St Mungo's. get your school, faith group, book club, choir etc. involved, it's all vital."

People are ambassadors for St Mungo's in their community - and it doesn't matter how you want to do it...

I did a talk about St Mungo's at a local school with Paul - they called me Sir! I felt like I was promoted.

Your support in whatever way, shape or size, is genuinely important to St Mungo's.

You can read more about getting involved with your community here. You may even want to be a #HomeTeamHero for 2017 by taking part in one of our exciting events or doing something of your own.

Click here to read more about our events or call Paul on 020 3856 6230.