Welcome to your first Frontline by clients!

Feb Frontline SmallHello, my name is Jordan and I am the co-editor of this edition of Frontline. I am also a client and volunteer at St Mungo’s. 

In 2013, I was taken in by St Mungo’s after being seen as a vulnerable person by my local council. I was living in an over-crowded house with my family, who couldn’t cope with me. 

It’s because of supporters, like you, that my life is as it is today. So a big thank you. 

At St Mungo’s I am learning about myself. In the past, being so friendly has led me to some frightening situations where people have taken advantage of me, mainly because of my disabilities. They’ve sometimes hurt me. Now I feel better prepared and coming on in leaps and bounds. 

I have faith in myself… and in you – because you support St Mungo’s and that takes someone special.  

We hope you like this edition of Frontline and only ask that you keep supporting St Mungo's and the work it does. 

Thank you and have a lovely day.