Your letters

Linsey, a St Mungo's supporter, sent this letter after reading Claire's story in the June edition of Frontline.

Dear Claire,

Your story broke my heart. No one deserves such a hard life. You have shown such strength and courage. Many others would have given up.

I am a 31 year old woman, unemployed and with mental health issues. My mental health destroyed my career. But unlike you, I was lucky. I had someone to take me in. That's why I give to St Mungo's.

You're a role model to me.



Katie, our Legacy Coordinator, received this touching letter from a supporter sharing why she chose to leave a legacy in her will.

Dear Katie,

There was a man in my local area, who I would often see begging and sleeping rough on the streets. I and some other people within the community helped him when we could over the years, as did several organisations, including the loved St Mungo's, but he always struggled to keep accommodation and stay on the right track.

He unfortunately died on the street nearby aged about 40. This tragedy brought home to me the difficulties that such people go through. That's when I decided to leave a gift in my will to St Mungo's, to help save lives.



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