The way we work

A number of important principles underpin the way we work at St Mungo's.

Client Involvement: At St Mungo's we believe our clients have an absolute right to be involved in decisions about how our services are run and about any changes that are made.

Their involvement goes far beyond consultation - we aim to work in partnership to continually improve our services.

As well as having a major impact on the work we do, involving clients in this way helps them to gain experience and confidence - empowering them to move away from dependence on services. A strong focus on recovery and citizenship is central to this approach. Read more about our client involvement programme and our latest Client Involvement Recovery Innovations briefing July 2011

Recovery: Through all of our work we aim to empower our clients to recover from the circumstances and problems that have seen them end up needing our support.

2006/7 saw us begin a truly significant journey in the approach we have to working with our clients. Pioneered in the field of mental health, this approach to working with homeless and vulnerable adults focuses on goals and aspirations, rather than needs. Read more about the Recovery Approach.

Outcomes Star: Work like ours is often measured by 'hard outcomes': how many clients have successfully been re-housed or how many clients have successfully given up drugs or alcohol.

But many of the vulnerable men and women we work with are at a stage where 'hard outcomes' are unrealistic. St Mungo's therefore recognised the need to develop more attainable goals for our clients; enabling them to feel they were moving onwards and upwards, whether or not they were ready to take the big steps into training, work or resettlement. We led the sector in developing the measurement of 'soft outcomes' for these homeless clients.

The St Mungo's Outcomes Star looks at ten different areas of a person's life. With their keyworkers, clients rate their own progress in each area. The Star is now the leading outcome measurement tool in the homelessness sector, and is being adapted for use with other vulnerable client groups. It is advocated as an example of good practice by Central Government and an increasing number of London Local Authorities. Read more about the Outcomes Star.

Equality and Diversity: St Mungo's believe we are stronger as an organisation and as a society if we recognise and celebrate diversity. We are committed to actively challenging inequality of opportunity, and will look beyond existing legislation to address all forms of prejudice and unfair discrimination.

We recently carried out a comprehensive audit of our diversity practices, involving over 200 clients, staff, Board members and external partners.

The Audit appraised our current practices, reaffirmed our absolute commitment to best Equality and Diversity practice and provided us with a robust forward plan for our work in this area over the next three years.

For more information, please contact the Equality and Diversity Advisor, on 0208 762 5603.