Anxieties and aspirations

When asked to talk about the future, clients who were nearing their time to move on out of St Mungo's accommodation could comment on the long term view of their lives - which is a strong marker of recovery. This contrasted sharply with others who could not see beyond today.

"Well we all have to think of our future. I mean whether we've got ambition depends on who we come into contact with. Throughout my life, it's people you come into contact with that can decide your future." Ronald, 71

"[Living at the hostel has given] me more security, it's given me somewhere warm, regular food. Somewhere to think, because when you're on the street you can never think, you're daydreaming all the time, I wish I had this, I wish I had that." John, 53

Some interviews contain strong language.

1. Future vocations 2.3 Jeff, 54

2. Visions of the future 39.3 Geraldine, 54

3. Anxieties about the future 29.12 Stuart, 44

4. Ideas how to help homeless people 9.23 Tracy, 40