Attitudes to homeless people

People spoke about harsh public responses to them - respondents used phrases such as "I'm alright Jack - f**k you", "mental health rubbish", "unseen, invisible", " judged", told to "get a job", "second class" and "vermin". Stereotypes about homelessness are such that if you're well-kempt, people don't accept you are on the street because you don't 'look' homeless. Yet, as several interviewees commented, it can happen to anyone.

"You're just unseen aren't you? People don't see you, you're invisible. You're just f'ing invisible and people treat you like that because they want to." Nick, 44

"I slept right near 10 Downing Street twice to prove a point so that when them MPs come outside their house and I'm sitting there with my little sign, saying, 'I'm homeless, please help me' they know that that's an issue because I'm bringing the issue to you." Casey, 26

Some interviews contain strong language.

1. Treatment of homeless people 11.10 Joe, 41

2. Perceptions of government 31.1 Kenneth, 44

3. Changes in homeless provision 13.2 Charles Fraser, former CEO