Being street homeless is isolating, and frightening. Survival involves begging, stealing and fighting over food. Some have experienced a sense of community with others on the street. Some see homelessness as a 'choice'. For most though, a crisis led to homelessness- relationship breakdowns, bereavements and loss. Several participants remarked that homelessness can happen to anyone, given the 'perfect storm'.

"On many occasions I woke up and I've been covered in snow." Mark, 37

"We just ended up having massive rows and it just got too intense and the only way for me to do was to basically break free from him, was to make myself homeless. I didn't want to make myself homeless." Kimberley, 40

Some interviews contain strong language

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1. Roots of homelessness 23.1 Karl, 44

2. Begging 9.16 Tracy, 40

3. Squatting and drug dens 2.4 Jeff, 54

4. Sleeping rough 32.6 Casey, 26

5. Experiences of being on the street or sofa surfing 28.5 Raymond, 52

6. Homelessness a 'lifestyle choice' 4.3 Paul, 65

7. Experiences of hostel living 9.21 Tracy, 40