Homelessness law - our call for change

The Homelessness Reduction Bill is an opportunity to secure the changes needed to better tackle homelessness and stop people needlessly suffering on our streets.

St Mungo's Stop the Scandal campaign, launched in February 2016, has been calling for a new national rough sleeping strategy and  improvements to homelessness legislation to prevent more people from sleeping rough.

"I was actually really appalled at how bad the council was. I was expecting them to help but it just doesn't work. It's horrible, it's demoralising and you already feel like less of a person." - St. Mungo's client  

At the moment, people are not getting the help that they need to keep them off the streets. The Homelessness Reduction Bill is a unique chance to change that. Find out more about the Bill and our work on it below. Alternatively, there's a version of the Bill available for you to read here.

  • Our chance to change the law

    We have a unique opportunity to change homelessness law for the better. Let's take it.Find out more
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  • Our briefing for MPs

    Latest document outlining our support for the Homelessness Reduction Bill.Download
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