How your money helps

Donating to St Mungo's will help improve the lives of homeless people

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Some examples of how your donation can help:  

Keeping our outreach vans running

  • £25 can help keep one of our outreach vans running for a week
  • Over a year, £10 each month can provide fuel to keep our outreach vans running for a month, transporting rough sleepers to safe accommodation

Literacy training

  • £50 can pay for a day's literacy training for someone unable to read and write
  • Over a year £20 each month can provide this training for five people


  • £100 can provide two sessions with a psychotherapist
  • Over a year £40 each month can help provide specialist health advice, to enable people with multiple health needs get the support they need

If you are a UK tax payer, please do not forget to Gift Aid your donation 

St Mungo's always tries to persuade central and local government to fund a full and comprehensive service.  Your gift is vital to complement that funding.