Rebuilding Shattered Lives £1 million appeal

We believe homeless women have a right to a brighter future. Will you help them achieve this?

Our Rebuilding Shattered Lives campaign aims to help make the significant improvements and developments to our women's services that we believe are necessary. Our Rebuilding Shattered Lives website showcases good practice and innovation to improve services and policy for the future, to support women's recovery from homelessness.

Read our final report and our ten recommendations.

We need your help

St Mungo's already provide a range of services to help homeless and vulnerable women rebuild their lives. However there is so much Rebuilding Shattered Lives fundraising appealmore we can do. We want to ensure that different needs are recognised and supported, and that all our services are meeting the personal, emotional and social needs of women.

Read more about the issue and why we are focusing on women and download more information about the appeal.

Please be part of this appeal and help us support women in their recovery from homelessness. Donate online today.

How your gift could help transform a woman's life

  • £25 could help train one of our specialist support workers to support women with domestic violence issues
  • £50 could provide a homeless woman with a psychotherapy session supporting her recovery from traumatic experiences
  • £75 could pay for self defence training for a group of vulnerable women at one of our projects
  • £100 could help provide a range of activities for homeless women, helping to improve their confidence and skills
  • £500 could provide the dedicated support that will help a homeless person find and maintain a job