New homelessness figures – falling through safety nets

08 March 2012

New homelessness statistics released today show that the number of households in England accepted as homeless has increased by 14% since a year ago.

The figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government were gathered from local authorities across the country.

They show that 48,510 households were accepted as owed a main homelessness duty - a 14% increase on 2010.

This follows a rise announced last month in rough sleeping numbers nationally.

Charles Fraser, St Mungo's Chief Executive, said: "We said previous quarter figures were bleak. These new ones are alarming and our real worry is that they will rise further this year. We implore government to address this with some urgency.

"The Government is right to stress the importance of safety nets but the problem is that things like the cuts to homelessness services have served to widen the mesh in the safety net, allowing more people to fall through.

"This must not be allowed to become a full-blown crisis, which is why we urge every local council to put homelessness at the top of its agenda."


  • These statistics follow an announcement last month that that the number of rough sleepers nationally has risen by almost a quarter, 23 per cent, between autumn 2010 and 2011.

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