Health at St Mungo's

People who are homeless experience some of the worst health in our society. At St Mungo's we see homelessness as a key health issue. Tackling ill health is crucial in tackling the causes and effects of homelessness.

"I ended up in hospital through being out on the streets - damp and wet all the time...I was nearly dying with pleurisy." - Scott

The average age of death for a homeless man is 47, and for a woman, just 43.

70% of our clients report a physical health need and 65% report a mental health problem.

Supporting our clients to look after and improve their health is a central part of our work. We do this by:

  • taking an holistic approach to health: addressing physical health, mental health, and substance use alongside each other
  • ensuring our clients can access healthcare for example by developing health assessments for clients in our projects and providing referrals
  • supporting our clients to better manage their own health