LifeWorks Psychotherapy Service

Tackling social exclusion through psychotherapy

The LifeWorks service is a psychological resource for clients and staff of St Mungo's and external service providers. 2017 will mark our tenth year delivering psychological support for people affected by homelessness.

LifeWorks has a range of provision including:

• Individual and group psychotherapy

• Specialist women's psychological support and education

• Staff training in psycho-social work and approach including complex trauma

• Facilitation of staff team Reflective Practice

• Consultancy on the development of Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE)

All clients using St Mungo's services are eligible for referral. We do not exclude on the basis of mental health and substance use. We will arrange an initial assessment and allocate a LifeWorks psychotherapist and an appointment or place the person on our waiting list if there is no available vacancy. Alternatively we can recommend the person to our group psychotherapy or women's trauma group work.

Individual Psychotherapy

LifeWorks Referral Form 2017

We provide an initial block of therapy sessions and can offer medium to longer term work following review.

We provide individual psychotherapy through our employed and honorary psychotherapists who are supervised in-house. If you are interested in working with us on an honorary basis, please check the volunteer section of our website. Within this we provide a trauma-informed gender-responsive pathway for women.

Lifeworks Women Referral form 

We provide psychotherapy from 17 St Mungo's sites across London and one within the South London and Maudsley Mental Health Trust.

Group Psychotherapy

We believe that better quality relationships, social support and networks are key to our Wellbeing. They protect us against isolation and loneliness. Our Transitions Therapy Group facilitated by two psychotherapists provides a friendly, safe and trusting space for members to explore feelings and experience.

LifeWorks Transitions Referral Form 

Women's Trauma Group

We believe in the value of shared learning and psycho-social support regarding the impact complex trauma experiences have on people and their lives. Our 12-week education and support group is open to all St Mungo's female clients.

LifeWorks Womens Group Referral Form Mar 2017

Staff Training, Reflective Practice facilitation & PIE

We provide a range of training for staff including complex trauma & its effects, Gender-Responsive and Psychologically and Trauma-Informed Practice& Environments.

Within St Mungo's we have provided staff team supports, Reflective Practice facilitation and collaborative work in developing psychologically informed approaches and environments since 2010 and are available for commission externally.

Get in touch:

You can contact us on 020 3856 6309 and for more information on any of the services available