At St Mungo's we believe that people can, and do, recover from the issues that create homelessness.

A key part of this is ensuring that, alongside accessing the treatment they need, our clients are also taking steps to improve and maintain their wellbeing. This can include addressing substance and alcohol use, using complementary therapies, healthy eating and connecting with other people, socialising.

About half, 52%, of our clients use alcohol and / or drugs problematically. Of our clients, 35% tell us that drug use was a factor contributing to their homelessness, and 33% cite alcohol.

We support these clients to access existing physical and mental health services and often work in partnership with specialist substance use treatment agencies.

Our LifeWorks psychotherapy service also offers counselling to clients who are experiencing mental health and substance use issues at the same time. Many of our clients use alcohol and/ or substances to help them cope with mental health problems and counselling can help them to address the underlying causes of their substance use.