What services do we offer our clients?

What do we do: We manage more than 250 projects across London boroughs, and in local council areas in the south of England, each night providing housing and recovery support for around 2,500 people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We also:

  • Offer recovery-focused specialist support to people with varying mental health and/or substance use needs
  • Help homeless people receive the support they need to develop their skills and get a job
  • Help people in prison sustain tenancies, or people who have just been released to find accommodation.

Over a year we help about 25,000 people across our services.

How can we help you develop your service?

Contact the New Business team on contracts@mungos.org. Tel: 020 8762 5604. Or write to the New Business Team, St Mungo's, 3 Thomas More Square, Tower Hill, London E1W 1YW.

  • Our services

    Our services

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    Fostering innovation

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    Our success

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    Making a difference

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