A hostel is usually the next step after an emergency shelter.

St Mungo's hostels vary in size, but typically they house 30-60 people, all in their own rooms. We also have accommodation for couples.

Every resident has a keyworker, who provides support with finding responsive and integrated solutions to their housing, employment, training and health needs. We encourage all new residents to have a health check and become registered with a GP, and on-site specialist workers help them to address any substance use and/or mental health problems.

Residents also have access to literacy and IT training opportunities on site - as well as 'softer' activities like music and art workshops or complementary therapies. These are all designed to build self-confidence and improve life skills, to help with the process of moving onwards and upwards.

Follow the links below for more about the services and opportunities available at our hostels:

Meaningful activity

Health services

Pathways to Employment

Contact details of St Mungo's hostels in London (excludes our women only projects)

Watch this video for an insight into how we are helping clients living at our hostels gain vital life skills.