At Studio 146 in our Mare Street hostel in Hackney clients can rehearse and record their music professionally.

Studio 146 is open to the residents at the hostel and clients across St Mungo's Broadway as well as those in the local community who are either homeless or facing homelessness. It enables people to create high quality recordings and productions of their music.

People who come to the studio do not need any prior experience of using the equipment and software in a music studio. Our engineer, Joe, tutors people in how to do this and we welcome musicians of all musical genres.

The studio is a place where clients can learn skills and rehearse but more than that, it gives people a new focus, confidence, and an opportunity to showcase their talents and music.

Studio 146 is also available for musicians and bands to hire on weekend days, for a nominal fee. Visit the Studio 146 website to find out more and to book. 

Mike in studio 146

Mike (pictured, left), who recently completed a five track EP in the studio, with his band Down Dalston Lane, says:

"You cannot beat the working environment of a properly kitted out recording studio...We didn't have an enormous amount of time available, but the time was regular and that consistency really helped us focus on the job at hand; getting our songs out to the people with a quality that demands attention."

Paul Hussey is an artist who has been recording at Studio 146 for the last few years. He's incredibly talented and using the studio gives him the opportunity to make use of that talent. Paul has recorded and released an incredible video and single entitled 'Kingdom', talking about the injustices in the world, particularly the injustice of war. The track was recorded at our very own Studio 146. Check out the video on YouTube now.

Paul Hussey - Kingdom 

  Click here to listen to some of the fantastic music produced at the studio.  

For more information about Studio 146 contact or visit