Complex needs housing

Many of the men and women who come to St Mungo's have complex and multiple needs, including severe and enduring difficulties with physical and mental health and substance use.

Our complex needs projects enable us to provide a much greater level of help for people who need very supportive accommodation. The high ratio of staff to residents means we can dedicate considerable time and attention to each client - continuing to focus wherever possible on recovery and moving towards independence.

Running high support housing and registered care homes is therefore an essential part of what we do. We are able to care for the most vulnerable men and women in London and the South who would otherwise be in real danger on the street. Our residents often come to us from the streets, but our expertise in the field means that we're increasingly called upon to house vulnerable people before they get to the point of homelessness.

We currently have 60 complex needs projects providing specialist care for a wide range of clients including former rough sleepers, people with drug and alcohol issues and/or mental health problems.

In 2006, we took over the running of the Brent Dual Diagnosis Project, which provides housing and support for adults with a combination of mental health and substance use needs.

The new service offers clients a holistic approach to their well-being by not just taking into account their housing and medical needs, but also their psychological needs and aspirations toward recovery. Clients have access to an on-site Substance Use Support Worker, a Psychotherapist (funded by Brent Primary Care Trust), and access to external substance use support services.

In 2010 the Dual Diagnosis Project was shortlisted for the Andy Ludlow Homelessness Awards. You can read about the success of Brent Dual Diagnosis Project in our recent Complex Needs briefing