St Mungo's Link Service

St Mungo's Link Service, formerly the Neighbourhood Link Service, is primarily for people with complex needs, who may have presented repeatedly to multiple services over several years

The Link Service works to minimise the risk that gaps in services will result in clients' problems growing worse.

The Link Team (two workers, male and female) draws on extensive experience of assertive outreach and floating support to work with clients on:

  • Local crisis response
  • Tenancy sustainment
  • Brief interventions
  • Case management
  • Assessment
  • Advocacy

The service operates in Islington and Camden, North London.

Team members have experience in working with offenders and around homelessness, mental health and substance use issues. We provide recovery-focused support to clients in the community including advocacy and advice, tenancy sustainment and general mentoring. Our work is geared towards flexible and assertive outreach - seeing the client when and where the client requires - and inter-agency co-operation.

We work with the Safer Islington Partnership, Islington's Safer Neighbourhoods Team (Police), Homes for Islington (a registered social landlord), Highbury Grove Crisis Centre, the Drug and Alcohol Action Team and the local Primary Care Trust. Assessments and care plans are made in conjunction with the client and coordinated with the relevant agencies.

The Link Service is the successor to St Mungo's Neighbourhood Link Service, which was praised as ‘exceptional' in the Bradley Review in 2009. The independent enquiry by Lord Bradley examined how offenders with mental health issues or learning difficulties could be diverted from further criminal activity. It commended the service for its success in doing this and its cooperation with the police. 

Referring a client to the Link Service

The referral process is based on the client having multiple needs that cannot all be addressed by the referring agency. You can make a referral by telephone, email or text by providing contact details and the main issue that the client needs to resolve.

Contacts: Davey Malcolm 07714 699587 / Rebecca Green 07739 195389