PAL (Peer Advice Link)

PAL aims to help individuals make the transition from supported housing to independence.

The unique thing about the St Mungo's PAL service is the way it is staffed - almost exclusively by volunteers with experience of moving on from support services themselves.

This has huge benefits in terms of being able to engage and establish a relationship quickly with clients. This also allows the volunteers themselves to gain valuable workplace experience, access a variety of training and re-enter the workplace.

Read our Recovery Results Briefing on Peer Advice Link's tenancy sustainment programme here.

What is PAL?

  • We offer a remarkable degree of flexibility, providing support to a client when they need it; if someone feels they don't need our support when we first meet them, that's fine, we'll put their file on hold. If that person, or anyone else who ever lived in a St Mungo's project, needs support a week, a month or two years in the future, we'll work with them again.
  • The Advice side of PAL is provided through home visits, a phone line, and a drop-in service. Volunteers help new tenants deal with repair issues, welfare benefits, housing benefit problems, applying for Social Fund and charitable grants, buying essential items cheaply, and other practical issues.
  • The ultimate goal of the service is to help tenants integrate with the local community and to build up local support networks. Individuals who are isolated from friends, family and the community are often more vulnerable to becoming homeless again.

You can contact the PAL team on our freephone number: 0800 021 7206.

APS standard logoThe Peer Advice Link (PAL) project has been awarded the Approved Provider Standard (APS), the national benchmark for safe and effective practice in mentoring and befriending, from the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation.

For more information or to enquire about volunteering with PAL, email: or call: 0800 021 7206.