St Mungo's Recovery College

The Recovery College is an innovative project which offers a variety of free courses aimed at people who have experienced homelessness.

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Supporting the Recovery College

Recovery college 200x130Students can now enrol onto a variety of Recovery College day or weekly courses, jointly designed by, and for, clients, staff and others, in London and Bristol.

What is a Recovery College?
The idea of Recovery Colleges developed from health services. Our Recovery Colleges provide safe and inclusive learning opportunities, supporting recovery through involvement in learning. Read more about its successes and our students' feedback in this Recovery Results Briefing.

Who can enrol?
The courses are for our clients, our staff and external people who want to register. What we want are students with an enthusiasm to learn.

The courses are designed and taught with, and by, our clients, at the Recovery College, which is based at 33 Rushworth Street, Southwark, London SE1 0RB, and at the Compass Centre/New Street Centre in Bristol.

What's it all about?
For more information about our Recovery College, please have a  look through the following articles on the BBC website, in Inside Housing and in a Guide2Bristol. And make sure to watch a video on BBC London News.

Mare Street 200What do students say?

'It's made me more creative and imaginative'

'It's refreshing that, just because you've been homeless and experienced some difficulties, you don't have to think small'

‘I've diversified more, taking on new challenges, whereby I feel now I can deal with more situations'

‘I would say I am more motivated and adventurous to try new things'

'There isn't anything I've seen like this before, with such a wide variety of courses with like minded people'

'This college offers a middle ground between ‘just for fun' and ‘very academic''

How can I enrol?

The Summer term will run from 2 May to 4 August 2017. 

Please email Annette Browning for more information.   

Please check back for more details about the next Recovery College term in Bristol.