Street outreach teams

Sleeping rough brings with it serious implications, from life threatening health conditions to feelings of isolation and fear that link in with loss of self-worth and confidence.

Outreach teamsOur outreach teams go out night after night, and early mornings, to find people who are sleeping rough. They could be people who are new to the street, sleeping rough for the first time, or they may have a rough sleeping history and complicated problems that make it more difficult to move off the streets.

We gradually build up trusting relationships, meeting with people to offer routes out of homelessness that will bring positive change. We work in partnership with other organisations to help people access physical and mental health services, accommodation and drug and alcohol services, as needed. Where appropriate, we assist people with reconnection - helping them to return to their home towns in the UK and abroad.

Where our outreach teams work
In London, our outreach teams work in Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, Hounslow, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Southwark, The City of London, and Westminster.

We also manage outreach services in Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Oxford and Reading, and we host the No Second Night Out projects in London, Oxford and South Essex.

We manage the national rough sleeper referral line StreetLink in partnership with Homeless Link.

StreetLink is a telephone line and website available across England which enables the public to alert Local Authorities about rough sleepers in their area. This service offers the public a means to act when they see someone sleeping rough and is the first step someone can take to ensure rough sleepers are connected to the local services and support available to them.

If you are concerned about someone who is rough sleeping, please call StreetLink on 0300 500 0914 or log on to

We also have the following services related to rough sleeping and outreach:

Sussex Outreach Service
Sussex Outreach Service (SOS) provides assertive outreach and support to rough sleepers across North, West and East Sussex. We work with partner agencies and local authorities to help rough sleepers move off the streets. Working closely with StreetLink, the 24 hour rough sleeper referral line, there is a rapid response to rough sleepers where housing, social and health care needs are assessed with a focus on reconnection.

Alongside the outreach service, we provide pop up hubs that offer rough sleepers a safe place for assessment away from the streets and help us to tackle anti-social street behaviour and reduce rough sleeping. The pop up hubs are not in fixed locations, meaning we can move them to areas where they are most needed.

The Sussex Outreach Service can be contacted by email:

Street Impact
Street Impact is the first social impact bond working with people sleeping rough in London, through a contract with the Greater London Authority (GLA).

We work with around 400 people who have either slept rough for a prolonged period, or have had multiple episodes of rough sleeping. They also have complex issues around alcohol, drug use, mental and / or physical ill health.

There is three year focused support for the person around their accommodation, linking them in with better healthcare and access to skills, work and training opportunities. Find out more and watch this video about this social impact bond.

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