Street Stories - St Mungo's Oral History Project

The stories of homeless men and women were recorded in an oral history project with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund

The final 41 autobiographical recordings on this site are a superb collection of moving, honest stories about their struggles with homelessness. They describe childhood experiences, events leading to homelessness, survival on the streets of London and the struggles of recovery* .

* Visitors to the website and exhibition are advised that some interviews contain strong language and adult themes.

THEMES OF HOMELESSNESS - click here to listen to audio clips

Homeless men and women aged between 23 and 71 came forward to take part in the project, drawn from ten of St Mungo's housing projects across seven London boroughs. Over many months these 26 men and 15 women shared their stories with the oral history interviewees.

Whilst reviewing and compiling the interviews, ten clear themes became apparent. Each one relates to homelessness in a different way, and each seeks to describe the aetiology of homelessness and its effects on the individual and society's responses.

Former St Mungo's Chief Executive Charles Fraser was also interviewed as part of the project. 13 - Charles Fraser

THE INTERVIEWERS - click here to see a short film by and with the interviewers

Six interviewers, themselves St Mungo's clients, were trained in oral history interviewing. Read all about their experiences of the project and their journeys through the lives of other people with experience of homelessness.


This was held at the London School of Economics from 10 January to 18 February 2011. Excerpts from the interviews, together with memories and artifacts were displayed at the gallery which was open to the public.

Street Stories Lesson Plan - click here to download a lesson plan for 16+ students

This lesson plan accompanies both the stories found on this webpage and the Street Stories 2011 leaflet which is available by calling the Community Fundraising team on 0208 762 5582 or e-mail

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