About a quarter of our 2,500 St Mungo's residents are women

Over the last few years, we've been talking to our women clients, asking them questions about their situations and seeing what support they tell us works for them.

We're now developing a Women's Strategy, coordinated by Esther Sample who has written an introduction about her role on our Blog.

In autumn 2011 we launched a new report Battered, Broken, Bereft about why people are still sleeping rough today. One of the findings in this was that, among women, 35% slept rough after leaving home to escape domestic violence.

In 2012 our Action Week saw the launch of Rebuilding Shattered Lives, which aims to get the right help for women at the right time. Over the initial 18 months we want to develop the first national showcase of best practice, ideas and innovation around supporting homeless and vulnerable women. Become a member on the website above or email rebuildingshatteredlives@mungos.org to find out more.

In March 2014 we published  Rebuilding Shattered Lives the final report Find out more about the "sad chronicle of missed opportunities" and our ten recommendations.

In Bristol, we manage the Bristol Freedom Programme - support for women living with experience of domestic abuse or violence.

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Resources - we are very grateful to DLA Piper staff who worked in partnership with us to produce four resource booklets around legal issues for homeless and vulnerable women - the first two are Domestic violence and homelessness issues and Domestic violence and housing law.

We use our St Mungo's Client Involvement Toolkit to listen, learn from and involve our clients about their experience of homelessness and recovery.