Get your work colleagues on board ... 

Reasons to do Woolly Hat Day

Once you've put on your own hat, why stop there? Why not involve the whole office? Below are some reasons why you should bring your support for Woolly Hat Day in to work with you!

RPC enjoying Woolly Hat Day

  • It's fun and simple to participate - all you need to do is wear a hat to work, donate £3 and if you catch someone not wearing one, double the donation!
  • It's a great way to bring everyone together - the team next door, the floor above or even senior management!
  • It can help to raise your profile as an organisation - highlight your fundraising in your annual report, on your website and in your local paper or trade magazine.
  • Even a small amount makes a big difference - your £3 could pay one client's bus fare to attend a medical appointment.
  • It's a great way to start the weekend little early - wear a hat and take part in our Social Happy Hour, our Fundraising pack has more details of other fun ‘start the weekend early' ideas.
  • It will help your company to meet its corporate social responsibility targets - wear a hat, fundraise and help your own organisation as well as someone in need!
  • You will be contributing towards directly improving the lives of homeless people - £200 could pay for a sewing machine for the Practical Sewing Skills course at our Recovery College to help someone kick-start their dream career!

We have loads of resources to give you ideas on how to get your company involved. We'd love to hear what you're doing to have fun on the day so please do keep in touch by emailing Rob Neale on as well as on our social media: St Mungo's on Facebook and @StMungos on Twitter.