Run to the Moon Challenge

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    To mark St Mungo’s 50th anniversary year we are challenging our supporters to do 50 things to help us end homelessness. We have seen everything from dog hiking to art exhibitions as part of our 50@50 campaign

    Now it is time for us to join together for our biggest 50@50 challenge yet. We need the help of our staff, supporters, volunteers and clients more than ever as St Mungo’s challenges you to Run To The Moon.

    One Small Step

    One small step for man 50 years ago on 20 July 1969 marked one giant leap for mankind. In that same year a group of volunteers decided to do something to help homeless people, forming St Mungo’s and marking one small step towards ending homelessness in the UK. Fifty years on and the technology revolution is accelerating at a rapid rate whilst the gravity of issues surrounding homelessness shows little sign of relenting.



    The Challenge

    The distance to the moon is 238,855 miles. Over the course of 164 days (July 20 to Dec 31) we need to run a combined average of 1,455 miles per day. To do this you will need to link up with Strava or RunKeeper and get as many comrades running as possible.

    There is no fundraising obligation or minimum distance for this challenge. We want to unite staff, clients, volunteers and supporters to remember those who have been involved with St Mungo’s in the past and to consider those who need our help now.

    You are welcome to clock up the miles by walking, running, handcycling, via wheelchair, or any other way that the required fitness tracker will allow you. Every person who joins the challenge will appear on the shared event page with a combined total counter for miles travelled and a leader board for those who have contributed the most.

    Virtual Events

    It might sound like a new series of Black Mirror but virtual events are no longer something of the future – they are taking over the world of fundraising.

    We understand that you might want to support a cause, but getting to a specific place at a specific time and raising a set amount before a deadline just doesn’t always work out. That’s why more and more people are getting on board with virtual events – they fit around your lifestyle.

    We have teamed up with the fundraising platform GivePenny to develop a challenge that uses their ability to integrate with the fitness tracking apps you might already use, like Strava and Runkeeper, so you can challenge yourself and raise money as and when it suits you.

    How To Sign Up

    Follow the small steps below and sign up to St Mungo’s Race To The Moon challenge:

    1. Sign up by following the ‘Join Campaign’ link on our GivePenny event page
    2. Download the fitness tracking apps Strava or RunKeeper. If you already use a different fitness tracking device you should be able to sync it with Strava.
    3. Get running.
    4. Share your page and encourage others to join the challenge.

    Have some fun and challenge your friends, family or colleagues to join us as we launch St Mungo’s into outer space. If you have been inspired to get involved or set-up your own 50@50 challenge, get in touch with our dedicated events team at


    Tokio Marine sponsor Ben Nevis

    Image: Team Mungo's climb Scafell Pike

    After conquering Scafell Pike last year, Team Mungo’s are back for another challenge. This year, staff, clients, volunteers, supporters and our sponsor Tokio Marine take on Ben Nevis. We caught up with Alice from Tokio Marine to tell us why they decided to join this year’s hike.

    Image: Alice Palmer, Tokio Marine

    Hello, Alice. Tell us a bit about yourself

    I’ve been working for Tokio Marine HCC (TMHCC) since March 2017 where I joined as an Underwriting Assistant. I live in Kent with my family and two cocker spaniels, Sonny and Ralph.

    Whilst at school I was actively involved in fundraising and charity work, working closely with local charity MCCH and as member of Rotary.


    Why did TMHCC decide to partner up with St Mungo’s?

    We have a long-standing partnership with St Mungo’s and we wanted to maintain this relationship because our employees believe homelessness is a worthwhile cause. Homelessness is sadly something we all see commuting into London and it is particularly unavoidable in the city.

    St Mungo’s not only educates our staff about the ways in which we can help prevent and support homelessness, but also assists us with planning exciting fundraising initiatives to maximise our company’s support.

    Why did you decide to sponsor our Ben Nevis challenge this year?

    We saw the challenge as a great opportunity to allow employees to hear about the work of St Mungo’s first hand from their clients. It’s also a great way of boosting physical and mental health by escaping from the busy corporate world.

    It is important for TMHCC that staff engage with our partner charities and we think this challenge is the perfect opportunity for some of our employees to really understand the impact that St Mungo’s can have on those in need.

    Why did you personally decide to join the challenge?

    I wanted to take part in the challenge to meet people who have experienced homeless and hear about how St Mungo’s has influenced their lives. There is also the added bonus of the beautiful backdrop of Ben Nevis!

    Have you done much training?

    Zilch! I’m hoping that miles of dog walking will hold me in good stead, although I have begun planning some routes in and around Kent. I’m going to attempt to do a 10 mile walk every fortnight to push myself physically and mentally, while also breaking in my new walking boots. We’re also doing some team training walks in August and can’t wait to see everyone come together.

    What are you hoping to get out of the trip?

    I’m really looking forward to meeting some of the St Mungo’s clients and hearing their personal stories, while finding out more about the impact St Mungo’s has had on their lives.

    Find out more about our Ben Nevis challenge and how you can support it.

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