50 at 50

Image: Tough Mudder St Mungo's Fundraisers
To mark St Mungo’s 50th anniversary year we are challenging you, our daring supporters, to fundraise for St Mungo's with your own 50@50 challenge.

Give up social media for 50 hours, cycle 50 miles, raise £50, read 50 books or click through on the sub-categories below for more inspiration.

We don’t want homelessness to be around in another 50 years’ time and your 50@50 challenge can help us raise enough money to get more people off the streets.

What 50@50 challenge will you take on? Get inspired & contact our events team to set-up your own fundraising challenge.

How to set up a 50@50 challenge

Need help getting started? Download our fundraising pack for lots of tips and ideas

Tell us about your 50@50 challenge

Email us to let us know you are doing a 50@50 challenge so we can help you shout about it

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Your donations have helped transform the lives of thousands of people living on the streets. 

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