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Logo: 50@50Take on a personal challenge

A fundraiser challenge doesn't have to be physical. Host an event, go on an adventure or get creative.

Just remember to tell us about your fundraiser, however big or small.

Some examples for a personal 50@50 challenge:

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Raise £50 Each Month

Each month in 2019
find a new way to fundraise for St Mungo's

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Travel 50 Hours

Travel as far as you can
for free in 50 hours

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Host a Supper Club

Host a supper club
for 50 people

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Make 50 items

Get creative a make 50 things that you can sell for charity.

How to set up a 50@50 challenge

Need help getting started? Download our fundraising pack for lots of tips and ideas

Tell us about your 50@50 challenge

Email us to let us know you are doing a 50@50 challenge so we can help you shout about it

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