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Logo: 50@50Celebrate a big occasion with a 50@50 challenge

Why not celebrate your next anniversary by encouraging friends and family to give to a cause you believe in?

Ask people to donate to St Mungo's for a wedding or birthday instead of asking for gifts.

Some examples for a special occassion 50@50 challenge:

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50 Bucket List

50 things to do
before you are 50

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50th Birthday Fundraiser

Raise money in aid of
St Mungo's

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Easter Egg Hunt

Create an Easter Egg hunt
with 50 clues and charge
an entrance fee

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50th Wedding Anniversary

Raise money in aid
of St Mungo's

How to set up a 50@50 challenge

Need help getting started? Download our fundraising pack for lots of tips and ideas

Tell us about your 50@50 challenge

Email us to let us know you are doing a 50@50 challenge so we can help you shout about it

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