Process for setting the remuneration of senior staff

This statement sets out our process for the remuneration of senior staff.

St Mungo’s seeks to offer pay rates and a broader package of terms and conditions that will attract, retain and motivate high calibre staff. We aim to pay salary rates at all levels that effectively support recruitment and retention.

Staff in our client-facing roles are paid at the upper quartile in comparison with organisations providing homelessness and similar services.

All other roles, including our CEO and Executive Team roles, are paid at the market median compared to charities and housing associations of comparable size and turnover. Only in exceptional circumstances where it has been demonstrated that St Mungo’s is unable to fill a post at the market median level would an upper quartile salary be considered. Payment of the upper quartile salary for the CEO and Executive Team would require Board approval.

Market testing of CEO, Executive Team and other relevant roles is carried out every three years by an external benchmarking company in order to keep salaries aligned with the comparator market.

The Board approves the salary increase of the CEO and the People and Governance Committee approves the salary increase of the other members of the Executive Team, in line with the median figures returned by the benchmarking company, and subject to affordability.

In the years which fall between market tests the CEO and Executive Team members receive the same cost of living increase as all other members of staff, which is determined by reference to the National Joint Council for Local Authorities annual settlements.

All staff at St Mungo’s including the CEO and the Executive Team receive the same standard package of terms and conditions of employment. There are no enhancements to these, and no bonuses or discretionary additional awards in terms of salary to any individual.

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