Our Partners

We believe that when we work together we can make a real difference.

We rely on a huge range of partners in order to deliver our work. We believe that when we work together we can make a real difference to people who are rough sleeping or experiencing homelessness, and move towards ending it for good.

Our donors

We operate thanks to the generous support of individuals and organisations who fundraise for us or who donate to us.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are vital for us to be able to reach more people and volunteering at St Mungo’s is a fantastic way to gain skills and experience. We offer many ways to support our volunteers to progress within St Mungo’s, including additional training, monthly webinars, application support and interview practice. If you volunteer with us more than three months, we also offer professional references.

Local Authorities and Commissioners

We work in partnership with a number of Local Authorities and other bodies across our regions who commission us to deliver their services. These range from outreach, accommodation and floating support services, to skills, employment and care, depending on the local area and the needs of the people there.

National government

When working with national government, we act as a partner with expertise in the field that can constructively in order to meet our shared goal of ending rough sleeping. We strongly believe that this will only be achieved by working collaboratively with departments across government, including health, criminal justice and welfare, as well as housing and homelessness. By addressing the causes of homelessness, we can prevent people from arriving onto the streets.

Our unions

At St Mungo’s our staff are really important to us and we recognise two unions – Unison and Unite the Union – and respect the right of our staff to join a union of their choice.

Representatives from our recognised unions meet regularly with key St Mungo’s personnel to develop policies, and we have agreed a protocol of engagement, based on mutual respect, and publically support the principles of Unite’s Unity over Division charter and Unison’s Violence at Work charter.

Other agencies

We work with a number of other agencies in the homelessness, health and criminal justice sector. There are many different charities and organisations who provide specialist expertise and support for the complex needs faced by many people who are experiencing homelessness. By partnering with those different agencies we can ensure people get the best access to the help and support they need.