For many people who are homeless, a dog is their only friend. Many continue to sleep rough in dangerous conditions rather than being separated. We recognise the emotional support a pet can provide. That’s why we’re one of the only charities to accept them in our hostels.

We provide a bed and support to 3,150 people on any given night. With your help, a person who has been rough sleeping can make a new start, with their companion beside them.

All gifts to St Mungo’s make a difference to the vulnerable people we work with. With a gift of £1,000 or above, a dedicated philanthropy advisor will provide you with personalised reports and updates on the impact of your gift, as well as opportunities to attend events and gain insight into the projects you support.
Image: Outreach worker

Cold kills

The cold weather is incredibly dangerous for people sleeping rough.

Our emergency response saves lives. Find out how our emergency response works and how it will be different this year because of the pandemic. 

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