We supported 2166 women across our residential services in 2020-21. We recognise that women experience homelessness differently. That is why we have a specific strategy to offer tailored support and services to help women recover and thrive.
Image: women's homelessness

Take part this #InternationalWomensDay?

Women's homelessness occurs at a far greater scale than is often recognised, with women making up 60% of all homeless adults living in temporary accommodation.

Whilst sleeping rough is dangerous for everyone, women’s experiences are typically very distinct from those of men.

Women sleeping rough carry the added burden of gender-based violence and abuse before, during, and after their time on the streets. This means the traumas women face are often vastly different.

However, we can work together this #InternationalWomensDay (8 March) to make a real impact.

Help us get more women off the streets and into safety.

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