An opportunity to unleash my potential

We recently published our first client-led edition of Frontline, our quarterly magazine which goes out to 27,500 St Mungo’s supporters. Our client and volunteer, Jordan who co-edited the edition, tells us about his involvement in the project.

This is the first time I have co-edited a magazine. If I do say so myself, this is the best edition of Frontline by far. I am glad to have done it. I think it is the best edition by far because the magazine is client focused which will help supporters to understand how their money is being spent in order for our lives to be better.

I got involved with the project because I saw this as an opportunity for me to unleash my full potential and for readers to understand and what it feels like to be made homeless from a client’s perspective. The other reason is to learn what steps to take when I publish my own magazine one day.

I wrote the opening letter for Frontline telling my story, which I really enjoyed. After that, I helped to choose the content and get it developed. This included having meetings with the chief editor to see where we were at. The two biggest decisions that were made were, firstly, getting the content that would be most interesting for our supporters and, secondly, how it would it look.

‘Interviewing was an absolute pleasure’

What I enjoyed most about the project was the planning and the meetings I had with the chief editor. Writing the introduction and interviewing were an absolute pleasure. I went to Bristol and interviewed St Mungo’s Shelter Coordinator, Gareth Mercer. He talked to me about the night shelters in Bristol. Choosing the content and the colours for the magazine and getting it organised, edited and re-edited was great.

We discussed ideas of how the magazine should look using pictures and colours and people’s experiences of homelessness and how we would want to portray them. We did a mock up version and we thought about the purpose of Frontline and that helped us to find the right people, staff and clients to speak to.

There was nothing challenging with this project. It was simple and there was nothing hard about. It was smooth sailing all the way to the end. The reasons why it was easy because everyone was so open.

‘What I learnt working on Frontline…’

Working on Frontline has taught me that there is nothing that I cannot do and that the level of my intelligence has skyrocketed through the roof. I am really excited about this edition and I am glad and very happy that I was chosen to co-edit it. If there was ever again an opportunity to co-edit Frontline or another supporter magazine, I will gladly take up the challenge and give it 1 million per cent because I bring the best and only your best is good enough.

I hope to co-edit another supporter magazine or go to work at another organisation doing the same thing that I am doing now. Or I might to do something different which will expand my learning and so that I can be the best co-editor on the planet. I am continuing my volunteering and doing some more co-editing – and climbing Mount Snowdon in June which will be a big success and we will be able to raise some money.

How you can help

If you’re interested in the work we do to help our clients like Jordan and want to do more, here’s how you can get involved:

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