Abdul Mohib

    Abdul is currently the Global Director of Risk and Audit at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Abdul brings a wealth of experience in risk, internal audit, internal controls, and overall assurance. His career has focused on public protection, spanning counter-terrorism (explosives and weapons detection), food safety regulatory risks, systemic regulatory risks on GCSE and A-level exams delivery, rail transport risks, public health risks, social housing provision risks, and on built and natural environment risks. He is a member of the ESG Committee of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM), and also a BAME mentor in the global INvolve programme

    Mariam Sani

    Mariam Sani’s background is in the affordable housing sector, initially working for a law firm before moving with a Registered Provider.

    Mariam has over 15 years of experience in the niche area of securitisation/property charging and her skills range across to governance and risk, being responsible for the Asset & Liabilities Register and Insurance within her current role as a Head of Securitisation and Asset Control at Legal & General Affordable Homes.

    Mariam was the Chair of the sector wide RP Legal Treasury Group for 5 years.