Raising money

The best way to start your fundraising is to visit our JustGiving campaign page: click on ‘Start Fundraising’ and either link to our 'Game Changers Live' event or select 'Personal Challenge' to link your own Game Changers event with St Mungo’s.

Your personal fundraising page will be visible on our campaign page leader board, so make sure you personalise your page and add photos to boost engagement (and hence your fundraising totals!).

Image: Game Changers event

We can send you fundraising materials such as St Mungo’s branded t-shirts, collection tins/buckets and downloadable resources like a fundraising pack and tournament schedule.

Setting up your stream

Whether you’re a gaming noob or a pro gamer, we advise following JustGiving’s handy streaming guide to set up your stream and get started.

Technology is catching up with our fundraising challenges and you can now integrate your donations into your live stream. Why not provide a list of forfeits for your Twitch followers and dare them to donate to see you do a floss dance for a fiver; eat 10 ice cubes for a tenner, or dress up like Mario if you reach your target! You will be able to see the donations roll-in as you are playing and this will in turn boost your stream engagement.

Streaming your game is not a compulsory component of this fundraising challenge. We want to include everyone and encourage you to get creative, whether that be an epic board game with your gran, or a FIFA tournament with your mates. See our fundraising resources for more ideas.

Digital Inclusion – Get Social!

If you want to be a successful Game Changer you are going to have to include your family, friends, colleagues, and online communities to try and encourage donations.

This might involve phoning, e-mailing, or texting your relatives to tell them about the great things you’re doing to help us combat homelessness. You will also need to shout about signing up and include regular updates with photos, challenges, forfeits and schedules on your social channels. Let us know what you are getting up to by tagging us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and using the hashtag #hometeam or #gamechangers