Corporate supporters

We are committed to ensuring our partnerships offer meaningful staff engagement.

Whether through fundraising, team challenge activities or regular volunteering, our services truly benefit from your time and energy. Why not consider your organisation's involvement in one of our  fundraising events, or find out about other ways you can fundraise for us.

Please contact your St Mungo’s account manager to talk about donating goods. We only accept donations from our current corporate partners

Benefits of partnering with St Mungo's

By aligning our brands and promoting our shared values, we know that both of our organisations can benefit through:

  • cause-related marketing
  • sponsorship of events
  • promotion of our partnership in the media
  • bespoke internal communications

We work to maximise awareness of our partnerships, with our donors and wider audiences. We know that by choosing to work with us, you want to make a real difference to our work and the people we support.

We work to make sure you can see the impact of your support. We will:

  • help you identify local services
  • identify specific areas of our work
  • provide regular updates on our progress, as well as the impact your support is making

As a partner of St Mungo's, you will have a dedicated relationship manager. This manager will ensure that your company and employees get the most out of the relationship.

We work with our partners to develop an engagement plan to ensure we have clear, shared aims for the partnership. Once the plan is agreed we will put in place a time frame to achieve our shared aims in a meaningful way.

As the national voice on homelessness in the UK, we provide services across the country. We can tell you more about how we work in different locations.

There are many ways to get involved including:

  • Corporate donations
  • Employee and customer fundraising
  • Event sponsorship


For many people without a permanent roof over their heads, the sense of safety and security that ‘home’ brings is missing. Homey have chosen St Mungo’s as their official charity partner as they share our belief that home is somewhere special. Over the next year, Homey have committed to donating time and money to St Mungo's as we work to end homelessness and rebuild lives.

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Image: Chestertons

Working together

Chestertons and St Mungo’s have worked in partnership since 2015. Sharing our vision that everyone should have a place to call home, Chestertons works with us to raise awareness and much needed funds to support our work.

As with all of our partnerships, we have identified the best opportunities for Chestertons to use the skills, experience and interests of its staff to build our partnership. As a result, we’ve partnered on a number of innovative events and projects that really deliver results for our clients. One example of our shared project has been the support Chestertons has provided to St Mungo’s Real Lettings team.

Real Lettings is a social lettings service that help secure homes for vulnerably housed and homeless people in the private sector. Chestertons has run coffee mornings for our residents, sharing their expertise about how best to navigate the private rented sector and to troubleshoot other issues. This has really helped to extend the support we can provide to residents.

Most recently Chestertons have supported St Mungo’s to deliver First Response – an innovative new way for volunteers to help our Outreach teams find people who are sleeping rough. The latest report highlights how First Response is developing, and ways for potential volunteers to get involved.

Image: St Mungo's staff member


For clients at the end of their recovery journey with us, employment is usually the last barrier to breaking the cycle of homelessness.

The RollOnMonday project gives our clients an opportunity to gain six months paid administration work experience in corporate law firms in London and Bristol. We aim to help over 100 clients over the next two years.

We provide a unique service which works specifically with law firms. Our partners in the law sector not only provide work placements, but also support for our clients. The firms contribute their time and experience by providing mock interviews, and volunteering at RollOnMonday workshops.

Returning to work after a long period of unemployment can be tough for anyone and the journey isn't always easy for our clients. We support both the recruitment managers in the law firms and our clients, who are both new to this, to make the placement run as smoothly as possible. We also help clients to manage the transition period between leaving the welfare benefits system and their first salary.

The culture and environment at a law firm is completely different to St Mungo’s. Many of our clients would never have worked in such a setting before; to give them a way in to get that experience and get so much out of it has been great.

Last year was a great year at RollOnMonday. We achieved 30 placements, and many of our clients have progressed onto long term sustainable employment. Our clients have so much to offer and sometimes they’re not considered because there are gaps in their employment. Without RollOnMonday, it would have been very difficult to get that foot in the door.

Please contact the Corporate Team for more information.