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Donate goods

Donating goods to St Mungo’s is another way you can help people affected by homelessness.


  • Clean clothes
  • New socks, underwear and towels
  • Toiletries that are sealed, and well-known brands
  • Full, sealed packets of dry, non-perishable food within their sell-by date
  • Furniture and soft furnishings can only be accepted if they are new, and if they meet fire safety standards. Furniture must be Crib Factor 5 standard and soft furnishings, including curtains, blinds and bedding, will need to be flame retardant and meet the BS5687 standard

Please note that we cannot accept used household items (including electrical items) and the final decision on accepting any gifts will be made by the project manager or staff.

Thank you for considering donating goods to one of our projects. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to collect and store items. 

If you have any items that we accept from the list above, please contact our Supporter Care team at supportercare@mungos.org of 020 8600 3000 who will put you in touch with a suitable service. 

Please remember that the final decision on accepting any gifts will be made by the project manager or staff. 

If you are a company, please contact your St Mungo’s account manager to talk about donating goods. We only accept donations from our current corporate partners. 

You may wish to try the following community projects to donate your unwanted goods:

  • HomelessLink
  • Furniture Re-Use Network – 0845 602 8003
  • Furnish – 0208 996 8920
  • Restore Community Project (only in North London) – 0208 493 0900
  • Emmaus (able to collect)
  • Homestore (only in Stratford, London) – 0208 519 6264
  • William Wilberforce Trust – 0207052 0425
  • British Heart Foundation (able to collect) – 0808 250 0030
  • Kingston Community Furniture (able to collect) – 0208942 550
  • Reclaim at the Lane (able to collect) – 0208 522 2330

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