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Image: Outreach workers and rough sleeper

Your gift could fund volunteers for our outreach teams

Our outreach teams go out at night and in the early mornings, looking for people sleeping rough. Our first priority is to get people off the streets and into accommodation.

Your generous donation of {{ payment_amount }} could help us fund these shifts. We gradually build up trusting relationships, working with people to offer them routes out of homelessness and towards recovery. We work in partnership with other organisations to help people access accommodation as well as support services such as physical and mental health services, drug and alcohol services, and legal services as needed. Where appropriate, we assist people with reconnection - helping them to return to their home towns in the UK and abroad.

Outreach Rough Sleeper Will

Have you seen someone sleeping rough?

If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough please contact StreetLink who can connect that person to local services and support. If the situation is an emergency, please don’t hesitate – call 999 for an ambulance or the police.

You can find more information here about what to do if you are worried about someone sleeping rough or see someone begging.

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