Faith fundraising

Faith organisations are loyal supporters of ours and we would like to thank those who have donated to St Mungo's in the past. We are always looking to expand our community links and faith links that are vital to us.

We work with all faiths to make an impact on those facing or recovering from homelessness.

Some ways you can make a difference

  • Hold a Christmas carol concert at your church.
  • Donate your Zakat (2.5% of your annual earnings) to help end homelessness. Calculate your Zakat here.
  • Take part in a joint Mishkan and Mitzvah Day project for Purim. In 2016, Jewish volunteers took 150 delicious food parcels to St Mungo's shelters.
  • Check our events page and see if you can get members of your church, gurdwara, mosque, pagoda, synagogue or temple to take part.
  • Volunteer or donate to St Mungo's on a feast day.

If you would like to discuss ways you can fundraise for us please contact our events team for more information:

Race for Charity

Mostafa Hussain, through Race for Charity, raised £20,285 for St Mungo's, exceeding their target. Here's how they did it.

“Race For Charity is a fundraising initiative that we started three years ago. Our aim was to bring people in the Muslim community together to raise as much money as possible for charities both here in the UK and abroad through our yearly events.

“After doing thorough research and reading about all the great work St Mungo's does for homeless people we decided to raise money for them through a go kart race.

“As part of the Race For Charity alliance, we wanted to visit a local homeless project so that we could see first hand how the money we would raise would help clients at St Mungo’s.

“We were very fortunate to visit The Lodge, based in Central London. We found our visit so inspiring that we decided to hold a special “Curry Lunch at The Lodge” in late August, with a wide range of traditional Indian dishes being prepared and served by participants of the Race For Charity event, which was a great success.

“This was part of a pledge this year in which the Race For Charity team wanted their participants to not only raise funds, but also experience the opportunity to forge a real connection between the fundraisers and the charity’s clients through volunteering, which continued long after the event.”