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What we can offer you

What we can offer you:

  • A fundraising pack, full of ideas and tips on how to run an event.
  • A St Mungo’s speaker to talk to your pupils about homelessness and how their fundraising helps rough sleepers.
  • Fundraising goodies to boost your event – including stationery, balloons, collection boxes, posters and St Mungo’s information.
  • A dedicated contact in the St Mungo’s Community and Events team.

Coming soon: Lesson plans for Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 to help you teach your pupils about homelessness. Watch this space!

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Fundraising at school ideas

Quick and Easy

- Dress down (or up!) day
- Film screening with pyjamas and snacks
- Read-a-thon


-Have a craft and arts sale
- Put on a play and sell tickets for donation                           - Host a school talent contest




- Sports day
- Treasure hunt
- Swimming gala or sponsored walk

Cup Cake

- Easter egg hunt
- Class picnic
- Bake sale

Image: school fundraising

St Mary's School

“We have a strong musical tradition within the school and have a beautiful choir, and under the direction of the Head of Music, they put together the most awe-inspiring carol service with traditional carols and readings.

The support for St Mungo’s mission was clearly seen in the generous donations by parents and visitors alike” 

Jacintha Bowe, Deputy Head of St Mary’s, Roman Catholic school Shaftesbury. Supporters since 2015.