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Write your will for free today

You can write your will for free through our partner Farewill

Write your will for free

It’s quick and easy to write a simple will for free through our partner Farewill, by using our code MungosSept1.

Simply decide if you’d like to write your will online, which you can download, or set an appointment to speak with a Farewill staff member over the phone, and have your will sent to you in the post. Farewill also offers live support and a free checking service.

There is no obligation to leave St Mungo’s a gift in your will, but should you choose to do so, any amount you leave will help more people rebuild their lives.

Help someone like Nicky rebuild their life by leaving a gift in your will.

Give the gift of hope today

We understand that your loved ones come first when writing or updating your will.

Leaving a gift of any size could become the turning point for someone, giving them the courage and strength to move forward.

Nicky's story

While working as a carer, Nicky was made homeless after her employer passed away. 

St Mungo’s helped Nicky and her dog Foxy find permanent accommodation. 

“Just having somewhere permanent is such a relief to your stress, to your mental health and your wellbeing.”

Learn more about Nicky’s inspiring story in the video below.


This offer is open to anyone above the age of 18 who would like to create their will. This offer is for simple of mirror wills and covers property. However, if your estate is complicated you may be charged an extra fee, so it may be best to enquire when contacting them. 

If you have any further questions feel free to email legacies@mungos.org

It may be easier to make a new will, but you can also update your existing will. Generally, it’s a good idea to review your will every five years, and update it at milestones during your lifetime, such as getting married or having grandchildren. 

You can write a joint will together. Or you can write mirror wills, which are wills that are very similar to each other. If you and your partner would like wills that are quite different, you should each claim the offer separately. 

To leave a gift in your will to St Mungo’s, you just need the following:

  • Our official charity name: St Mungo’s Community Housing Association
  • Address: 3 Thomas More Square, Tower Hill, London E1W 1YW
  • Registered charity number: 1149085

You can also request our gift in wills guide by filling out this form. 

You could leave:

  • A share or part of your estate, known as a residuary gift
  • A fixed sum of money, known as pecuniary gift
  • A specific gift, such as stocks or shares

Your details are completely confidential and we won’t know the contents of your will. However, we may be informed that have used the free will service.

If you do decide to leave us a gift, we would love for you to let us know. We’d like to express our gratitude towards you, and it will help us plan for the future. 

There is no obligation to leave us a gift in your will. However, once you have ensured that your loved ones are taken care of, you may consider leaving a gift to help lift people out of poverty and homelessness, providing them with hope for a better future. 

The cost of your simple or mirror will is covered by St Mungo’s. We pay a discounted rate to our partners. As there are a limited number of wills we can provide, please register early to avoid disappointment. 

St Mungo’s cannot act as an executor, as unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to do so.

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Please get in touch by emailing legacies@mungos.org

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