Ending homelessness, rebuilding lives


Transform the lives of people experiencing homelessness

For over 50 years, St Mungo’s has provided bespoke support for people experiencing homelessness. With the help of our generous supporters, we believe we can end homelessness in England by 2026. By joining our philanthropic network, you will have the opportunity to invest in innovative solutions that tackle homelessness, and unlock exclusive opportunities to see the impact of your generosity. Our dedicated team will work with you to match your interests and values, ensuring that your gifts have maximum impact for people with no place to call home. 

Our core areas of work

St Mungo’s offers support to more than 31,620 people each year across Bath, Bournemouth, Bristol, Leicester, London, Oxford and Reading. 

We know that people can, and do, move on from the problems that caused them to become homeless. And we believe that, with the right support we can help everyone into a place to call home, so they can fulfil their hopes and ambitions.

Together we can help end homelessness

people were supported by our outreach teams in 2021-22
people supported into volunteering, education and training, or employment in 2020-21
people were supported by our criminal justice services
people supported by us in 2021/22 who were homeless or at risk of homelessness

Get in touch

To learn more about how you can make a lasting impact to end homelessness, please get in touch with Eleanor Blanning (Trusts and Foundations) and Chloe Rowbotham (personal philanthropy) on 020 3856 6070 or by emailing philanthropy@mungos.org

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