Ending homelessness, rebuilding lives

Personal philanthropy

Major gifts

Work with St Mungo’s to end homelessness and rebuild lives for good.

St Mungo’s work is only possible due to the generous individuals who share our ambition to end homelessness. Your support can help people to leave the streets and enter safe accommodation, or to take the next steps in their recovery with support for their health, skills and employment.

We welcome the chance to work with you to ensure your giving has strategic impact, helping people not only recover from homelessness but to ensure they never have to sleep on the streets again. To learn more about how you can make a lasting impact to end homelessness, please get in touch with Chloe Rowbotham.

Our commitment to you

With any gift of £1,000 or above, one of St Mungo’s dedicated Philanthropy Advisors will work with you to help you make a meaningful impact in the lives of people affected by homelessness, and in the areas of work that are most important to you. 

Our philanthropy team will provide you with:

  • Support and guidance from a dedicated Philanthropy Advisor
  • Personalised reports and regular updates on the impact of your gift
  • Opportunities to visit the projects you support and attend events throughout the year
  • Guidance and support from our special events team to host your own private fundraising event

You can make your gift more tax efficient by adding Gift Aid.

Maximising impact

By pledging to give an annual gift over a number of years, you will help to provide fundamental security for our clients and our services. Multi-year gifts enable us to plan for the future, and ensure that we can continue to be there for people at each stage of their recovery. 

Your commitment will provide us with the vital stability that we need to make a long-term impact in the lives of those that we support. For many of our supporters, multi-year gifts are often spread across three years, but we would be happy to work with you o explore what is best for you. 

To find out more about the difference a multi-year pledge could make, please contact Chloe Rowbotham. 

St Mungo's Giving Circle

Our Giving Circle Champions are at the forefront of our work. They collaborate with us to end homelessness and rebuild lives by making a three year commitment to a minimum of £5,000 a year to fund our highest priority project. With their support and dedication, we are able to plan for the future, respond to fast emerging needs, and ensure that no one has to face homelessness again. To learn more about the work our champions have supported in the past, you may be interested in reading our brochure. If you have any questions or would like to fund out more about you can become a champion, please get in touch.

How your gift can help

£1,000 could provide 22 one-to-one counselling sessions, helping people to avoid mental health crises, overcome past trauma and build resilience.
£6,500 could support people who have experienced homelessness to access digital inclusion courses and develop skills for employment.
£25,000 could help run one of our accommodation services, giving people the stability they need to work on their recovery.

Julian is rebuilding lives through education

Julian first donated to St Mungo’s in 1995. Since, through a series of major gifts, he has helped us improve our services – including the redevelopment of our Great Guildford Street hostel – supporting people to leave the streets and rebuild their lives. 

Without the support of generous philanthropists like Julian, our work would not be possible. Watch as he discusses his inspiration for getting involved with our work and his hopes for the future. 

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